Okay, so they’re not Aussies, but since they hold a special spot in our hearts, we feel they deserve to be mentioned…




When I met my boyfriend, Gary, he was owned by a wonderful Dalmatian.  Bailey was a rescue and had been through 3 homes before Gary took him in.  Meeting Bailey, one can easily understand why he had gone through so many homes.  Bailey is the King of counter surfing, the King of furniture destruction, and the King of Trouble!!  He is a high energy dog who wants nothing more than to be loved by his humans but always the opportunist to do something silly when his humans aren’t watching.  He is the HAM of the group and Top Dog in this house!







When we met, Gary was also owned by a beautiful Weimaraner.  Laika is the most gorgeous Weim I have ever met.  She is the Queen of EweTurn.  An easy dog to live with, Laika is loved by all.  People always admire her beauty and she seems to be flattered when people make a fuss about her.  Laika adores her big brother Bailey and follows him everywhere.  Laika comes from Champion Conformation lines and it shows!




Maiah is our adorable rescue girl.  Gary wanted a Vizsla and I wanted a German Shorthair Pointer (GSP).  Gary agreed to get a GSP.  We started searching breeders and were prepared to put down a deposit on a litter of solid livers to be born in 2006.  A week after finding the breeder we wanted to get a pup from, I received an e-mail from a friend who told me there was a solid liver colored GSP puppy at the Ottawa Humane SocietyGary and I brought her home and have loved her ever since.  Maiah loves flyball and is obsessed with chasing and jumping for bugs! 


And let's not forget the kitties of EweTurn...