Companion and performance puppies are available on a strict spay/neuter contract. This contract guarantees the health of the puppy against hereditary defects.  This means puppies will be guaranteed to be free from Epilepsy, free from Hereditary Hip Dysplasia and free from any debilitating eye defects for three years. 
Puppies sold with this type of contract are not to be shown in conformation or used for breeding. For example, they may have more white on their face than the breed standard allows. However, they are wonderful companions and may compete in performance sports such as obedience, rally, agility, herding, and tracking. 

Show/Breeding puppies do not have disqualifying faults and are guaranteed against known hereditary defects that would affect their suitability for breeding or showing. Puppies with this type of contract may be sold on a co-owned basis until they have finished their championship and have attained satisfactory OFA and CERF clearances. Stud rights may be retained on males; in the case of bitches, EweTurn may have right to a puppy or puppies.  Please note that we do not place any of our puppies into solely breeding homes.  Any puppy we allow to be left intact will only go to serious show and/or performance homes.

EweTurn requires a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy. This deposit will be deducted from the purchase price of the puppy.  If you have given EweTurn a deposit but the breeding doesn’t produce what you want (for example, a Show/Breeding puppy is not available, or the sex you want is not available), we will refund your deposit.  EweTurn will not refund your deposit for any other reason (for example, if you change your mind).

EweTurn Aussies is a very small breeding kennel.  We generally only breed 1-2 litters in a calendar year after many months of planning and only when we want to keep a pup back for ourselves to show.  We place the other pups from these litters to show, performance or companion homes.  When you contact us about a puppy, please do not be offended if we ask many questions.  We simply want to know where our pups are going and that they will be given a good home.  We ask questions to determine what type of temperment and personality would best suit the prospective families needs as well as whether the families are prepared to take on the responsibility of an Aussie (it is a 12-14 year committment).  We evaluate puppies temperement and structure (at 8 weeks) so that we can best match our puppies to their prospective families.  We recognize the responsibility to each and every puppy produced. While we strive to make sure that puppies find their compatible family and their forever homes, we are always prepared for the return of any and all puppies produced if circumstances arise.  We try to not raise more than one litter at a time to ensure that each pup receives proper socialization and individual attention so that it can be a stable member of our society.  Puppies are introduced to everyday noises from day one and are raised in our house and introduced to many different smells, sounds, sights and touch to make for more well adjusted puppies when they are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old. 

All of our adults and puppies are raised in our home on grain free and raw diets. All sires and dams are not bred until all health clearances have been done.  This includes hips,elbows, eyes, cataract (HSF4), MDR1.  

All dogs that we breed will be registered with CKC and ASCA, have had their hips cleared for breeding, eyes cleared within a year of the breeding and are proven in conformation and/or performance and are healthy and true representatives of the Australian Shepherd.  By the time our puppies are 8 weeks of age, they have had their CERF eye clearances, their first vaccination (unless otherwise agreed upon), been de-wormed (if needed), vet checked and micro-chipped.   The puppies have been started on crate training, ridden in a car several times, met many new dogs and people, have worn a collar and leash, started on house breaking, and practicing good recalls.  Puppies also come with, food, a leash and collar, treats, blanket, toy and puppy information kit (along with lifetime support)!

We strongly encourage our puppy buyers to feed their new puppy a raw diet and continue with a minimal vaccination protocol.  We are happy to discuss this further and provide all the information required to do this. 

To contact EweTurn, please email or call us at sandra@eweturnaussies.com or 613-835-2641.