About Us

Always the animal lover, Sandra begged her parents for a dog since the day she learned to talk.  Giving in to her wishes (somewhat), Sandra was presented with a grey tabby cat. A welcome addition of course, but not the dog she had always dreamed of.  At the tender age of ten, Sandra convinced her parents that it was finally time to get that dog!  After many visits to the shelters, Sandra picked her new best friend.  “Caviar” was a 10 month old black Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd mix.  Sandra personally trained Caviar in obedience and agility even at such a young age.  Caviar taught Sandra about separation anxiety and crate training.  He was there when she graduated high school, then when she graduated from University with a Psychology Degree.  He was there to teach her about friendship and unfortunately, cancer.  Sadly, Caviar's time came to an end when Sandra was in her first year of Law School.  Devastated, Sandra vowed never to be without a constant doggie friend.

At the time of Caviar's loss, Sandra was living in a condo.  There was a 30 pound dog rule.  No dogs over 30 pounds were allowed in the building.  Sandra began her search for that big dog in a little dog's body.  Coming across the Miniature Australian Shepherd was a blessing.  Always loving the herding breed, it seemed like the perfect fit.  Although not understanding the politics behind the Mini Aussie (minis are NOT recognized by the Australian Shepherd Club of America or Canadian Kennel Club), Sandra found her new pup!  Participating in herding, agility, flyball, pet therapy, conformation and obedience, Sandra became hooked on the versatility of the Aussie.  It took many years of research and education for EweTurn Aussies to grow from a dream to reality with the addition of foundation bitch, “Flirt”. 

A member of the Australian Shepherd Club of America, the Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association (CNASA) and the Canadian Kennel Club, a Director (ASCA Affiliate) for Uherders and 1000 Island Dock Dog Club, Secretary for the Australian Shepherd Club of Ontario (ASCO), Newlsetter Editor for both ASCO and CNASA and a volunteer and foster home for Aussie Rescue Placement Hotline, Inc. in Ontario (ARPH),  Sandra is committed to breeding for health, temperament, brains, beauty and versatility.  All the dogs at EweTurn Aussies are pets first and foremost, are given a job to do, live inside the home and are fed a wholesome natural Raw Diet.  Breeding is a serious endeavour and litters at EweTurn Aussies will be far and few between, only breeding when there is the opportunity to better the breed.

Sandra is a lawyer member of the Ontario Bar Association.  Sandra also is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer/Behavior Therapist with Canine Communications Studies Inc.  Sandra presently works from home providing innovative and natural pet supplies online (www.paradisehound.ca) and enjoys her time with her dogs.

Please feel free to contact EweTurn Aussies at:

Sandra Czarny
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel: 613-835-2641