EweTurn Aussies is located in Eastern Ontario, Canada.  We are extremely dedicated to preserving the versatility and intelligence of the Australian Shepherd with a goal of producing dogs with outstanding temperaments.  EweTurn Aussies is similarly dedicated to rescuing Australian Shepherds in need.  EweTurn Aussies is a volunteer and foster home for Aussie Rescue Placment Hotline, Inc. in Ontario (ARPH)

Here at EweTurn Aussies, our dogs are part of our family.  All breeding dogs at EweTurn Aussies will have their hips tested, eyes cleared and patellas checked before breeding.  Puppies are raised in our home and come with a full written health guarantee.  All pups will also have their eyes tested before leaving our home and will be sold on a strict spay/neuter contract.  We recognize the responsibility to each and every puppy produced. While we strive to make sure that puppies find their compatible family and their forever homes, we are always prepared for the return of any and all puppies produced if circumstances arise.  Hence, the name, EweTurn Aussies.

Australian Shepherds are our passion.  This is not the breed for everyone.  Please take some time to research the breed before deciding to get an Aussie.  While they are loving companions, Aussies have high energy needs and quite simply, a tired Aussie is a good Aussie, but an exhausted Aussie is a great Aussie.  Giving your Australian Shepherd a job or exercise to do is extremely important as this breed will not do well in an inactive home.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions; we always love to talk about our dogs.